The King and the Holyman

A king was once interested in acquiring knowledge of a secret mantra. It was said this mantra could cure one’s hunger and thirst instantly.

He instructed his ministers to seek out a priest or holyman who could teach him that particular mantra. A great search began and soldiers and ministers were dispatched across the kingdom to locate such a person.

Given its secret nature a great number of people had to be questioned by the kings men over the months that past. However the kings perseverance bore fruit and his ministers found a holyman who claimed siddhi of the mantra.

The holyman did not come willingly. After a display of force and threats the man gave in and was promptly escorted to the palace overnight to see the king at the earliest appointment the following day.

The king was informed that morning and in his excitment, cancelled his morning appointments to finally meet the man who could teach him the mantra. The man was adamant. The King was forceful then pleaded and eventually offered him vast amounts of wealth to impart the information but to no avail. The man refused, claiming he had no right to hear mantra imparted through his penance without adequate spiritual preparation and effort himself. He was summarily ejected from the palace once the king,s patience wore out.

In the meanwhile, the King.continued his search for a willing master and evetually was successful. To ensure the man was taught a lesson, he brought the first holyman before court to claim victory.

The holyman was bemused by the kings actions. He asked the king to prove it and recite the mantra. The king proudly did so and the holyman was satisified it was correct. However, he asserted the mantra was still powerless is his hands.

The king mocked the holyman and told him to prove it. The holyman looked around the court. The courtesans were laughing, even the guards were staring in disbelief at how foolish the holyman now looked. Suddenly the holyman pointed at the burliest guard in the Kings throne room and shouted “You there!” The guard looked left and right and pointed at himself in question. The holyman said “Yes, you! Go and slap the King!” The court fell hushed in surprise at such an audacious statement. He repeated the command and waited.

The King now enraged asked how dare he ordered one of his guards and told him only the King himself had such authority. To teach the holyman a lesson he went instructed the guard yo go and slap the man as he had attempted to order the man to do. The guard responded immediately. The Holyman then laughed. He had proven his point.

That when the King with sufficient authority ordered the man he obeyed immediately but not when the.holyman, a nobody in the Kings court attempted to do so. In a similar manner, the King had learned the mantra but had no authority to wield its power! A mantra acquired through such guile is unlikely to result in siddhi.


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