Power Transfer Between Guru and Student

Why learn a mantra direct from a Guru?

There are two types of reasons – philosophical and practical. This post deals with one of the philosophical reasons – Power Transfer. This is a powerful technology that allowed the ancient Rishis to transfer the fruit of their labours in gaining mantra siddhi and developing their own yogic powers over to their students.

The best way to describe the nature of the Power Transfer technology is through a simple metaphor:

Two men walk into a bank one day. One is a rich oil baron and the other, a blue collar factory worker. They both wish to open accounts for their sons to begin to put aside some cash for their respective college tuition fees for when the time comes.

The rich man, who spent years perfecting his business methods and grew his empire over time puts in one million dollars as the opening balance. In all likelihood, his son will not only be able to afford tuition but also live comfortably while away at college. He hopes that his son may also invest some of the money in the stock market and grow it, or perhaps give some away to charitable causes.

The worker starts his sons account with a starting balance of one hundred dollars. He hopes that he will be able to add more as time goes by and with a bit of luck, the interest may help eventually grow the balance to allow his son to at least pay part of his way through college. Perhaps his son may have to get a job and save some money himself to make ends meet.

Now whose son do you think will have a better chance? It is obvious it is the rich man’s son. The large initial balance will have give his boy a clear head start.

The process of sadhana – the path to achieving success with a mantra – is very similar. If you learn a mantra from a guru, they transfer some of their power to you to give you a head start in your sadhana. While learning a mantra without a guru is still likely to be effective, you are unnecessarily disadvantaging yourself by ignoring the fast track to reach your destination!


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One response to “Power Transfer Between Guru and Student”

  1. Rajeev Yadav says :

    wow , Profound insight. But where can i find such a guru, and how can i believe that the guru will be able to transfer some of his knowledge or Power to me if at all i am fortunate enough to find such a guru.

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