The Kleem Mantra



(Semi-literal) Translation:

None. Kleem is a Bija mantra.


  • Attraction of female company.
  • That’s right, it brings girls to your door!

Say what now…?!

I believe some explanation is sorely needed on what is likely to prove a popular topic!

The Kleem mantra is a Bija mantra – ie a primal sound which taps into the very essence of the universe to function as a mantra all in itself. Each Bija mantra typically corresponds to a singular deity. Unsurprisingly, this mantra is the essence of the God of Love, Kamadeva (literal translation) and incidentally the great Avatar of Vishnu, Sri Krishna Himself.

How it works

The Kleem mantra basically aligns your energy/spirit/aura/prana with those of females that already like you. Initially, it will not be able to change the minds of others. However, once mantra siddhi is achieved, it is said that one can attract anything in the universe with the mantra.

How to use it

Just repeat the word. The usual target count is 10,008 – preferably in a single sitting. Given the brevity of the sound, it is not too tough to complete a set within a 2-3 hours.

The practice of tratak is a great complement to this mantra, for those of you in the know. It is an advanced technique explained here.

Need to know more? Read  about the Kamadeva Mantra here >>


  • Dr. Pillai, formerly Dattatreya Sivababa, has some excellent YouTube videos on the topic.
  • You can take his video introductions as an effective upadesh (ie Guru initiation into the mantra).


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3 responses to “The Kleem Mantra”

  1. mahi says :


    I work for a private firm and it is a shift based job. I may need to work at night, morning, evening..or even in the normal 9am-6pm general shift hours. I want to practice the KLEEM bij mantra and the Kamdev Gayatri Mantra. I dont have any guru and I cant devot much time to a guru either. It would be really nice of you, if you kindly tell the exact procedure in which I need to practice these without affecting my normal work schedule.

    The reason behind practicing these mantra are:
    1. I want to get married to my girlfriend who have recently drifted away from me due to extreme pressure from her parents.
    2. I want some improvements in my professional life as by personal life has already started taking a negative toll on my professional life.

    It would be the best thing possible in case I am able to get nearer to GOD in the..process.

    Sir..I am looking forward to your help. It would be really great if you help me and give me proper guidance.

    • Swami Mantra Yogi says :

      Given the all-round pressures you are facing, it is foolish to try and use mantras for a very specific purpose for such uses.

      You must chant a maha mantra to improve your life. A maha mantra can be chanted 24hrs a day as long as you are mentally and physically clean. See the rules of sadhana on the blog for more information.

      This will stabilise your life, love situation, career and mental pressure as well as gravitate your toward your divine goals. Once you have completed around 100,000 repetitions, you will have considerable power to use things like the kleem mantra.

      Always deal with what you need and then with what you want. trying to do everything simultaneously while pursuing a career is a waste of energy and will ultimately prove fruitless.

      Let me know if you need further instruction.

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