Finding meaning in Om: The Pranava mantra (Part 1)


The universal mantra

Om is often regarded in two extremes – either the simple method of beginning either Vedic chants or before Yoga etc, or taken to symbolise the everything sought for by the spiritual aspirant.

The reality is that the meaning of Om is both of the above points and everything in between!

In this series, I will look at a series of definitions of Om to provide a broad overview. The reader can of course make their own extrapolations as to the deeper concept. There are already many articles on Speaking Tree and beyond to this effect written by true masters and I shall not waste time replicating their incredible thoughts.

The general idea

For the very general and simplistic explanations, one must breakout the individual sounds within Om: A – U – M.

  • A – the power of creation
  • U – the power of sustenance
  • M – the power of destruction

There are other variations:

  • A – the power of waking state
  • U – the power of dream state
  • M – the power of deep sleeping state
Sat-Cit-Ananda (Truth – Existance – Bliss) – in description of the supreme God (Brahman).

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