Listen first to Learn Mantras

Listen - Learn - Recite - Improve!

Listen, understand, learn

I have always believed beginners benefit the most from listening to mantras before chanting.

Each mantra has a specific tonality: that is, it must be pronounced precisely at the right pitch with the right intonation. Hearing the mantra allows one to attune to the rhythm and melody to get it right.

Once you get it right, its the recipe for success – chant and reap the intended benefits!

Playing the instruments of chakras and prana

The power of the mantra on the subtle body (rather than the physical) is much like a singer hitting just the right note to cause a tuning fork – or glass – or whatever to resonate. In the same way, when mantras resonate within us, it causes chakras to vibrate, and prana to flow along the right routes to bring out our latent abilities.

Thoughts cease, consciousness opens and you discover yourself to be more than you ever believed to be. Why? Because mantra chanting (japa) allows the power of the Gods to flow through you. Your body, in essence, becomes a transciever for the Divine.

Let them resonate within you

A sample of Veda Parayana – ie group chanting of Vedic mantras – will shortly be posted on the blog. Access it by clicking here.  Listen and let the mantras resonate inside you!

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