Kandha Sashti 2011: The Time for Action is Now!

Access the powerful deity Skanda for marriage, action and wishfulment over Kanda Sashti 2011!

Kandha Sashti is around the corner

Kandha Sashti is an festival of incredible power, commemorating Skanda’s battle with and destruction of the demon Sura Padman. It runs from October 27 to November 01. 

Focused activity through this period is very fruitful; particularly when one is attempting to calm a malevolent Mars in a horoscope, attempting to speed up their search for a life partner or building their pro-active leadership attributes.

Access unlimited power through Skanda!

Skanda was born from the third eye of Shiva. He is therefore a deity of fiery passion and activity. Skanda carries the Vel, a weapon given to him by his mother Parvati. The Vel symbolises unlimited power – both in terms of creation and destruction.

Skanda is an all-encompassing deity and all benefits can be received from Him; just ask! Wish-fulfilment of noble wants and needs can be achieved over this period.

Mantras for Kandha Sashti

The absolute essential practice over this period to gain real benefits is reciting or listening to the Kandha Sashti Kavach, a powerful stotra to Skanda.  It is said that one who recites the stotra 36x daily will be invincible.

The power of a bhakta of Skanda is particularly visible in the workplace as they dominate and lead from the front.

Click hear to listen to the stotra.

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