Thoughts on Mantra: How to Know You’re Making Progress

How do you know…?

Aspirants who have spent a long time practising mantras often ask how one knows that they are making progress.

This is an incredibly difficult question to answer and almost entirely subjective. However, there are some basic common traits for those moving from beginner to intermediate:

  1. When praying, a flower falls from a picture of a guru or deity. This can happen during a puja or yagnya, at home or in a temple. Your prayers or at least your basic wishes will generally be fulfilled.
  2. Dawn dreams. I have written a prior post on interpreting such dreams – see my blog for details.
  3. Siddhis begin to appear. This is particularly true of Ganesha bhaktas (devotees) and mantra sadhaks. Memory improves, one is so in-synch with someone during conversations that you read their mind to complete conversations. Your power of influence over others improves.

Planetary transitions have similar effects

Others feel more confident, empowered, as if everything in life is going their way. Whilst certainly a clear sign of blessings taking effect, such feelings are difficult to distinguish from favourable planetary movements.


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