Thoughts on Mantra: Love exists after marriage!

Don't stop working on a relationship - even after you attract a partner!

There is life after marriage!

After a number of queries on the topic, I would like to make clear that all the mantras provided on this blog for attracting a partner also certainly work to enhance existing relationships.

Doubts are natural!

We have all had those immediate doubts appear in our minds after any big decision and marriage is certainly one of the biggest life changing decisions anyone can make.

After the honeymoon period, partners often begin to take each other for granted. Needless to say continuous work is needed to make any relationship work, and mantra can certainly help supplement understanding, flexibility and mutual respect in forging a lasting bond.

Improve your relationships with mantras

Please see my prior posts on the Kleem mantra and the Kamadeva Gayatri on powerful techniques to improve the attraction within a relationship.

A note of caution: don’t take anything for granted and work on your relationship when it is desperate need of repair! Start chanting these mantras daily to sustain and grow a bond with that special someone.

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