Never be Late Again! Pray to Ganesha.

Let Ganesha manage your Time - you will never be late!

Do you have a problem with timing?

Modern life is undoubtedly tough. When you live around a tight timeline every day, ever moment counts – whether you work in the corporate world or not.

In this context, being late is unacceptable. But once a schedule is upset, its incredibly difficult to get back into the routine, is it not?

Pray to Ganesha to restore balance…

One sure-fire way one can avoid being late for any situation is to pray to the Lord of Beginnings – Ganesha.

Through my experimentation with mantras, I have found that reciting any Guru-initiated Ganesha mantra no less than 1,008x DAILY without fail, one will ALWAYS be on time. This is one of the earliest Siddhis one gains from praying to Ganesha – who is the Lord of Siddhis. It quickly appears and when it does, it revolutionises your timekeeping!

…even when you think a situation is insurmountable! 

As one perfects the practice of a Ganesha mantra, it extends to cover even the most impossible situations. In fact, this miraculous siddhi will extend to situations where you actually believe you are late – you will in fact still be just in time! Some twist of fate will inevitably work in your favour – if not in the short term, the long term.

Put your faith in the Lord of Obstacles to destroy all hurdles in your way; He is never wrong and always works in your favour.


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