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How to Attract Men: The Aim Mantra


Attract the power of Saraswathi and male company with AIM




None. Aim is a Bija mantra.

Note Aim is pronounced as “Eye-im” compressed into one syllable, not ‘aim’ as per the English word.


Similar mantras to Kleem exist with converse benefits.

The Aim mantra is the bija or Saraswathi. It improves one’s creativity and mental agility. Speech and prowess in the Arts also follow rapidly with this bija.

It is also able to attract male partners to oneself.

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Vijayadasami: Learn for a better life!

Use Vijayadasami to channel Saraswathi's Grace into fresh learning!

Vijayadasami: more than a day of victory

In the wake of the powerful final day of Navaratri – and the final day of praising Saraswathi, the Goddess of Speech, Literature and the Arts – children in India have a tradition of learning something new or even starting a new semester at school on Vijayadasami.

It is not only children that have scope to learn and start something new today (or tomorrow depending on calendars) – Vijayadasami is an aupicious and spiritually powerful time for EVERYONE young or old to gain access to Saraswathi’s Grace.

In the spirit of this mantra-driven blog, I would encourage all to look to learning a new mantra of your choice to enhance your life in the coming twelve months till the next Navaratri. Examples of various mantras are available by clicking here.

Don’t know how to start?

Some resources and links are provided below on how one preps with mantra:

  • First it is customary to praise Ganesha and wish for an auspicious start on all new undertakings. A few chants are fine to begin the invocation. Find mantras by clicking here.
  • Second, praise Saraswathi with this mantra (click to follow link). A recommended count is a multiple of 16, or alternatively, 116, 1016, etc. 16 is auspicious to Saraswathi. Incidentally, it is the mantra often taught to young children before they start school to recite before studies begin.
  • Third, work out what you want to learn and go for it!

The time of transformation is now! Don’t miss out!

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Navaratri 2011: Fill yourself with Divine Inspiration!

Our lives are blocks of marble waiting to be sculpted into perfection...learn how from Saraswathi!

Navaratri Day 7/8

We are now into the final two/three days/nights of Navaratri, depending on one’s calendar, and our thoughts now turn to Saraswathi, the Goddess of Speech, the Arts and Literature.

It is funny that the most popular poojas and havans or yagnyas within Hindu communities are those to Ganesha (to remove obstacles toward an achievement, goal or event) and Lakshmi (for attracting wealth), yet little thought is given to Saraswathi Devi. Where does the inspiration come from for business? Who guides you through an interview to land that dream job? Where does creative inspiration come from? Nowhere but the great Saraswathi.

Society may have it all wrong…!

Michaelangelo: guided by the hand of God

There is a tremendously inspiring story of what happened at the unveiling of the statue of David, by Michaelangelo. For those who aren’t familiar with the statue of David, it is an 17 foot tall sculpture of a scene from the Christian Bible. David is the one who slew Goliath with nothing but his wits and his slingshot.

Michaelangelo carved the statue from a single piece of marble over a period of 4 years. When it was unveiled, the crowd was silent with wonder. Some cried tears of joy at such a profound vision.

They asked him: “How did you carve something so beautiful from just one piece of marble?”

The master sculpture replied: “David was already in there…I just chipped away the excess!”

Mastery of the Creative Spirit

It is difficult to believe something so incredible is the work of a mere man. Some believe Michaelangelo’s work was guided by the hand of God. This is the key to understanding the power of  Goddess Saraswathi.   Worship her to gain mastery over all studious pursuits, creative arts and skills.

An article with mantras to Saraswathi can be found on a prior post by clicking here.

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Top 5 Mantra Quotes

1. “The mantra becomes one’s staff of life and carries one through every ordeal. Each repetition has a new meaning, carrying you nearer and nearer to God.”

— Mahatma Gandhi 

2. “O mind, there is only the One medicine, mantra and healing herb – center your consciousness firmly on the One Lord. Take to the Lord, the Destroyer of the sins and karma of past incarnations.”

— Guru Granth Sahib

 3. “The person who regularly recites mantra attains liberation from the fears of disease and death.”

— Sathya Sai Baba

4. “Of the many methods of yoga one of the most potent is the yoga of Gayatri mantra. Mantras have powers to endow one with remarkable abilities. The Gayatri mantra gives the devotees spiritual as well as material benefits.”

— Ramana Maharshi

5. O son of Kunti [Arjuna], I am the taste of water, the light of the sun and the moon, the syllable om in the Vedic mantras; I am the sound in ether and ability in man.

— Sri Krishna 

Please feel free to contribute your own quotes by commenting below or through Twitter (@MantraYogi).

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