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How to Cultivate a Passion for Life!

Fan the flames of Passion for Life! Praise Agni, Durga, Skanda and Hanuman!

Lacking motivation?

The repetition and mundane nature of modern living often drives into a rut of boredom! This can hinder our progress toward both material and spiritual benefits in our lives.

Rather than be trapped in a cycle of boredom, regret and depression, here are 5 rousing mantras and stotras to drive your enthusiasm, motivation and inspiration!

Breathe in the fire of passion!

Fire embodies the nature of passion, power and activity – tap into these energies through worshipping the deities associated with fire: Durga, Skanda, Agni and Hanuman!

All of these four have a number of things in common – they are all worshipped on Tuesdays, favour the colour red and are prayed to for greater momentum and impetus in life.

The mantras:

  1. Clear the path! Ganesha is added to the list as the first point of call in any auspicious effort! A mala (rosary round) of a Ganesha mantra can well clear the obstacles from your life and get you out of a rut. Click here to see the Ganesha Gayatri.
  2. Fight and slay your inner demons! Durga is the embodiment of the Shakti of the Gods. Praise her using the Gayatri as the Divine Mother to receive help in getting mentally fighting fit to battle your inner demons – ie low tendencies such as procrastination, laziness and a lack of motivation. See the Durga Gayatri here.
  3. Start a Journey to find your way. Skanda is the son of Shiva and Parvati and the General of the Gods. He is closely associated with travel and closely protecting his devotees; if you are looking to move either career or abroad then worshipping Skanda is an excellent method of making change happen in your life! Hear the Kanda Sashti Kavacham here and learn the Saravanabhava mantra here.
  4. Allow the Divine light to point the way. Agni is the God of Fire Himself. He is lauded as one of the three most important deities in the Veda (the Ancient Hindus’ sacred texts).  He is the messenger of the Gods and carries oblations made into the sacred fire into Heaven. He is the physical representation of light and heat on earth. Pray to Agni by listening to or chanting the Agni Suktam – click here to hear it. Praising the God of Fire will allow your voice to be heard in Heaven and for your path to be lit by Him. In other words, deep contemplation on Agni will allow you to seek your own way through introspection.
  5. Stay enthusiastic and see God in everything you do! Hanuman is known as the ultimate bhakta or devotee. See my prior posts here on Hanuman and his mantras.

Such a routine can be used in any situation – to add that burst of energy and confidence, or simply as a refreshing mental boost.

One interesting point from these mantras – and particularly for those of Durga and Agni – is that when you begin with great concentration and also as you near the point of mantra siddhi (or complete control of the mantra), you will literally feel a great heat emanating from within your body when you chant the mantra.


Vijayadasami: Learn for a better life!

Use Vijayadasami to channel Saraswathi's Grace into fresh learning!

Vijayadasami: more than a day of victory

In the wake of the powerful final day of Navaratri – and the final day of praising Saraswathi, the Goddess of Speech, Literature and the Arts – children in India have a tradition of learning something new or even starting a new semester at school on Vijayadasami.

It is not only children that have scope to learn and start something new today (or tomorrow depending on calendars) – Vijayadasami is an aupicious and spiritually powerful time for EVERYONE young or old to gain access to Saraswathi’s Grace.

In the spirit of this mantra-driven blog, I would encourage all to look to learning a new mantra of your choice to enhance your life in the coming twelve months till the next Navaratri. Examples of various mantras are available by clicking here.

Don’t know how to start?

Some resources and links are provided below on how one preps with mantra:

  • First it is customary to praise Ganesha and wish for an auspicious start on all new undertakings. A few chants are fine to begin the invocation. Find mantras by clicking here.
  • Second, praise Saraswathi with this mantra (click to follow link). A recommended count is a multiple of 16, or alternatively, 116, 1016, etc. 16 is auspicious to Saraswathi. Incidentally, it is the mantra often taught to young children before they start school to recite before studies begin.
  • Third, work out what you want to learn and go for it!

The time of transformation is now! Don’t miss out!

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Navaratri 2011: Victory is upon us; don’t stop now!

Celebrate Victory over Internal Evils at the end of Navaratri!

Navaratri day 9/10

Depending on your calendar, you will either be preparing for the final night of Navaratri or celebrating Dasami – the day good triumphs over a lingering evil.

For those who maintained an intense sadhana (spiritual practices) over Navaratri as a whole, the experience should have been cathartic.

It is not uncommon for one to see a vision of the Goddess in a dream or experience some good gesture or news at the end of the period in acknowledgement that the powers that be have listened and blessed you!

But what next?

Do not feel that mantra yoga sadhana ends with the final day of Navaratri; in fact it only begins!

The process of purification is over, one would have achieved the blessings of the Devi and moreover developed a clear idea of what the practices and methods are. It is an ideal time to set yourself the 40 day challenge – click here for details.

So don’t delay and make a committment today to undergo a lifechanging transformation through mantra yoga!

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Navaratri 2011: Ward off Black Magic with Three Mantras!

Under attack from Black Magic? Put on the Armour of Mantra!

The Left Hand of God

Many believe that the use of mantra can be for evil and unholy purposes. There is some truth to this. Just like the mind and your life is malleable under the pressure of karma burn and mantra recitation to yield positive effects, others may seek to exert a negative influence.  There are many influences in the Ramayana and the Mahabharat of the forces of evil employing such tactics.

But let’s not get paranoid!

There is no need to turn paranoid and assume that minor negative developments at work, college, events etc are the influence of Black Magic! For the ordinary person, it is highly unlikely you will ever encounter forces so sinister – particularly if living abroad. It is more than likely this is simply the effect of (1) bad karma catching up with you! (2) plain bad luck (3) malefic effects of planetary junctures. All of these have simple cures and specific mantras.

Peace, spiritual development and protection possible with mantras

However, for one’s peace of mind (and incidentally significant spiritual development), three powerful and well documented mantras are presented in this article to counter-act and provide excellent protection.


1. Under attack? Wear Armour!

Since medieval times, mankind has known that the soft and fallible body can be protected by something harder and stronger. Historically, this has evolved from hides and leathers to iron to bronze to kevlar and the latest lightweight bullet-proof vests.

But what about for attacks of the subtle body? One uses a spiritual armour: a kavach! Kavach literally translates to armour. There are stotras (hymns) to every deity under (and including!) the Sun for the purposes of kavach. Just put a deity’s name and the word kavach into a search engine and see what comes up!

I personally prescribe the Kanda Sashti Kavach – a stotra to Lord Skanda – click here for more details on Skanda. It is composed in Tamil; a language as Ancient as Sanskrit. If one does not understand, you can always search for a google translation.

I am told there is a wonderful rendition on YouTube. I will post this to my Online Mantra collection shortly – click here to access it – on my blog.

This stotra has terrific mantra-shakti (ie equivalent power to that of a mantra). It is recommended to recite this 36x in one day to become untouchable. I prefer to listen to it as I am not versed in Tamil. You can too!


2. Pray to Hanuman

Since Ancient times, Hanuman has been known as a powerful deity to ward away evil and black magic. See my prior post by clicking here for mantras to Hanuman. I would also recommend the Hanuman Chalisa. I have posted a link to an excellent rendition on my blog – click here to access it.


3. Pray to Durga at this ideal time of Navaratri!

Durga is the original destroyer of evil. She is a deity invoked by the Gods for the very destruction of all demonic forces which rampaged over heaven and earth in Ancient Times.

Navaratri is the absolute IDEAL time to invoke her to do the same for you.

Do not forget that she is not by any means limited to something so trivial – she will bless you with every positive development in your life hence forth. Indeed, spiritual, physical, mental, psychological, intellectual and social transformations all can happen over night by the praise of Durga over Navaratri.

She will defeat both the demons in the outside world and importantly, those within.

Don’t delay! Click here to find out how to start chanting to a better life.


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Navaratri 2011: A Golden Opportunity: Three Key mantras for Sadhana

The Trinity of the Divine Feminine

The Divine Feminine Trinity: Lakshmi, Durga, Saraswathi

Great benefits are available! Act fast!

As mentioned in my previous post (click here), Navaratri is a time of great spiritual significance in the Hindu Calendar. The power of the Devi’s divine blessings are easily available to help anyone who asks for Her grace!

3 key Gayatri mantras

Here are some key mantras for sadhana over the 9 nights. They are all Gayatri mantras of the deities in question; such mantras can be recited by anyone, even without specific Guru initiation. However,  I would caution that pronunciation and intonation are key for the full effect.

The first 3 nights of Navaratri involve prayer to Durga. Click here for the Durga Gayatri.

The second 3 nights of Navaratri are dedicated to Lakshmi. Click here for the Lakshmi Gayatri.

The third trio is focused on the worship of Saraswathi. Indeed, many Hindus perform a specific pooja to Saraswathi devi on the nineth night. Click here for he Saraswathi Gayatri mantra. There are also other prayers to Saraswathi here.

Attempt a mini-anusthan

It is typical over this period that a mini-anusthan is conducted (24,000 chants of a specific mantra) with a specific wish (sankalpa) in mind, although in general, you should target what is manageable and realistic with the goal of completing your sadhana in full by the end of Navaratri to see the full benefits of your mantras.

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Lakshmi Gayatri Mantra


Laksmi - the Goddess of Wealth and Abundance

Om Mahadevyai cha vidmahe
Vishnu patni cha dhimahi
Tanno Lakshmi prachodayaat

(Semi-literal) Translation:

We know the Supreme Goddess,
We meditate on the spouse of Vishnu.
May Lakshmi inspire us.


  • Attraction of abundance
  • Strengthening of ones character
  • Attract auspiciousness

Durga Gayatri Mantra

Durga Devi

Durga Devi - the key deity adored during Navaratri and one of the Divine Feminine trinity


“Om Kaatyaayanaaya vidmahe
Kanyaakumaari dhiimahi
Tanno durgih pracodayaat

(Semi-literal) Translation:

We know the daughter of Maharishi Kaataayana,
We meditate on the virgin girl.
May the unconquerable one inspire us.


  • Removal of threats
  • To reduce the malefic effects of Rahu
  • To remove all defects of our character and our vices
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