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Get Creative! Mantras to Unlock Your Imagination

Let Brahma kick-start your creativity!

Have you ever been stuck?

We have all been there: a deadline, a pressured moment, a desperate need for a creative response from our brains – and nothing happens!

This is known as writer’s block (and perhaps also artistic temperament!). In any case, a lack of creativity can stifle a career in any of the arts.

Sometimes stepping back from the problem and refocusing after a break helps. Other times, we may feel that nothing can get us back on track. But do not despair!

Worship Brahma and Saraswathi

Whether you’re looking to hone your creative talent or add a ability to your skillset, pray to Brahma for inspiration. Brahma is the God of Creation and embodies the power of pure creative energy.

Here is His Gayatri Mantra:


“Om Chaturmukhaya Vidmahe
Hamsa rudhaya Dhimahi
Tanno Brahma Prachodayat”

Semi-literal Translation:

“We know the four-faced one,
We meditate on the rider of the Swan,
May Brahma inspire us” 


  • Raw creative power
  • The ability to architect and manage large-scale projects
  • Greater efficiency and productivity
  • Absorb vast amounts of knowledge

Worship Brahma on Thursdays for maximum benefits.

One may also worship Saraswathi alongside for a creative/scholastic combination.

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How to Attract Men: The Aim Mantra


Attract the power of Saraswathi and male company with AIM




None. Aim is a Bija mantra.

Note Aim is pronounced as “Eye-im” compressed into one syllable, not ‘aim’ as per the English word.


Similar mantras to Kleem exist with converse benefits.

The Aim mantra is the bija or Saraswathi. It improves one’s creativity and mental agility. Speech and prowess in the Arts also follow rapidly with this bija.

It is also able to attract male partners to oneself.

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Vijayadasami: Learn for a better life!

Use Vijayadasami to channel Saraswathi's Grace into fresh learning!

Vijayadasami: more than a day of victory

In the wake of the powerful final day of Navaratri – and the final day of praising Saraswathi, the Goddess of Speech, Literature and the Arts – children in India have a tradition of learning something new or even starting a new semester at school on Vijayadasami.

It is not only children that have scope to learn and start something new today (or tomorrow depending on calendars) – Vijayadasami is an aupicious and spiritually powerful time for EVERYONE young or old to gain access to Saraswathi’s Grace.

In the spirit of this mantra-driven blog, I would encourage all to look to learning a new mantra of your choice to enhance your life in the coming twelve months till the next Navaratri. Examples of various mantras are available by clicking here.

Don’t know how to start?

Some resources and links are provided below on how one preps with mantra:

  • First it is customary to praise Ganesha and wish for an auspicious start on all new undertakings. A few chants are fine to begin the invocation. Find mantras by clicking here.
  • Second, praise Saraswathi with this mantra (click to follow link). A recommended count is a multiple of 16, or alternatively, 116, 1016, etc. 16 is auspicious to Saraswathi. Incidentally, it is the mantra often taught to young children before they start school to recite before studies begin.
  • Third, work out what you want to learn and go for it!

The time of transformation is now! Don’t miss out!

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Navaratri 2011: Fill yourself with Divine Inspiration!

Our lives are blocks of marble waiting to be sculpted into perfection...learn how from Saraswathi!

Navaratri Day 7/8

We are now into the final two/three days/nights of Navaratri, depending on one’s calendar, and our thoughts now turn to Saraswathi, the Goddess of Speech, the Arts and Literature.

It is funny that the most popular poojas and havans or yagnyas within Hindu communities are those to Ganesha (to remove obstacles toward an achievement, goal or event) and Lakshmi (for attracting wealth), yet little thought is given to Saraswathi Devi. Where does the inspiration come from for business? Who guides you through an interview to land that dream job? Where does creative inspiration come from? Nowhere but the great Saraswathi.

Society may have it all wrong…!

Michaelangelo: guided by the hand of God

There is a tremendously inspiring story of what happened at the unveiling of the statue of David, by Michaelangelo. For those who aren’t familiar with the statue of David, it is an 17 foot tall sculpture of a scene from the Christian Bible. David is the one who slew Goliath with nothing but his wits and his slingshot.

Michaelangelo carved the statue from a single piece of marble over a period of 4 years. When it was unveiled, the crowd was silent with wonder. Some cried tears of joy at such a profound vision.

They asked him: “How did you carve something so beautiful from just one piece of marble?”

The master sculpture replied: “David was already in there…I just chipped away the excess!”

Mastery of the Creative Spirit

It is difficult to believe something so incredible is the work of a mere man. Some believe Michaelangelo’s work was guided by the hand of God. This is the key to understanding the power of  Goddess Saraswathi.   Worship her to gain mastery over all studious pursuits, creative arts and skills.

An article with mantras to Saraswathi can be found on a prior post by clicking here.

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Navaratri 2011: A Golden Opportunity: Three Key mantras for Sadhana

The Trinity of the Divine Feminine

The Divine Feminine Trinity: Lakshmi, Durga, Saraswathi

Great benefits are available! Act fast!

As mentioned in my previous post (click here), Navaratri is a time of great spiritual significance in the Hindu Calendar. The power of the Devi’s divine blessings are easily available to help anyone who asks for Her grace!

3 key Gayatri mantras

Here are some key mantras for sadhana over the 9 nights. They are all Gayatri mantras of the deities in question; such mantras can be recited by anyone, even without specific Guru initiation. However,  I would caution that pronunciation and intonation are key for the full effect.

The first 3 nights of Navaratri involve prayer to Durga. Click here for the Durga Gayatri.

The second 3 nights of Navaratri are dedicated to Lakshmi. Click here for the Lakshmi Gayatri.

The third trio is focused on the worship of Saraswathi. Indeed, many Hindus perform a specific pooja to Saraswathi devi on the nineth night. Click here for he Saraswathi Gayatri mantra. There are also other prayers to Saraswathi here.

Attempt a mini-anusthan

It is typical over this period that a mini-anusthan is conducted (24,000 chants of a specific mantra) with a specific wish (sankalpa) in mind, although in general, you should target what is manageable and realistic with the goal of completing your sadhana in full by the end of Navaratri to see the full benefits of your mantras.

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