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Get Creative! Mantras to Unlock Your Imagination

Let Brahma kick-start your creativity!

Have you ever been stuck?

We have all been there: a deadline, a pressured moment, a desperate need for a creative response from our brains – and nothing happens!

This is known as writer’s block (and perhaps also artistic temperament!). In any case, a lack of creativity can stifle a career in any of the arts.

Sometimes stepping back from the problem and refocusing after a break helps. Other times, we may feel that nothing can get us back on track. But do not despair!

Worship Brahma and Saraswathi

Whether you’re looking to hone your creative talent or add a ability to your skillset, pray to Brahma for inspiration. Brahma is the God of Creation and embodies the power of pure creative energy.

Here is His Gayatri Mantra:


“Om Chaturmukhaya Vidmahe
Hamsa rudhaya Dhimahi
Tanno Brahma Prachodayat”

Semi-literal Translation:

“We know the four-faced one,
We meditate on the rider of the Swan,
May Brahma inspire us” 


  • Raw creative power
  • The ability to architect and manage large-scale projects
  • Greater efficiency and productivity
  • Absorb vast amounts of knowledge

Worship Brahma on Thursdays for maximum benefits.

One may also worship Saraswathi alongside for a creative/scholastic combination.

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Leverage the Mind-Body Connection: Hit the Gym!

The Mind and Body are intimately connected. Exercise both for quick spiritual progress!

The mind and body are related

Scientists have begun to explore the concept of the mind-body connection. This means that one’s actions and the positioning of one’s physical body has a direct influence on your mental state. Very simply, if you act depressed, you will feel  depressed. If you act enthusiastic and full of energy, you will feel that way.

The idea is known as physiology.

How can we leverage this with mantras?

I have already written on pranayama – click here to read the prior article. This is to control the breath in order to rein-in the mind.

Let us take this idea one step further: given the linkage between mind and body, any mental sadhana can also be accompanied by a physical one.

This is powerful idea. Increasing levels of mental discipline will also self-perpetuate physical discipline and vice versa. Think about it!

A new 40 day challenge

I am hopeful that many of you at least attempted to maintain some idea of longer-term sadhana post Navaratri. It is an important discipline to maintain.

Those of you who benefited will undoubtedly want more! Now I propose that those readers interested in gaining a big boost to their physical vitality combine a mantra sadhana with a physical one: hit the gym or run, or do some exercise in direct proportion to the time you spend meditating.

As your physical strength and endurance grows, so will your concentration and determination to do more toward your spiritual path. The reverse is also true.

Even the ancient Rishis knew this! Many of them are well known for their epic travels across India and abroad – they knew the value of movement and physical exercise. Those that did not undoubtedly practised physical forms of yoga. A healthy body is directly conducive to a healthy mind!

Is there really a downside to this??

The downside is of course that you sacrifice your time in order to do so. It will require you to sacrifice sleep to wake up that 15-30mins earlier in order to work out or exercise before bathing and beginning your sadhana. But is this really a sacrifice given the benefits?

In the modern era, everyone knows that consistent exercise can stave off a great many illnesses and ailments. Over time, it is undoubted that your lifespan will increase due to the dedicated effort to exercise in earlier periods.

Do not miss this opportunity; start now and try it for 40 days!

Is the spirit willing but the flesh weak? Mantras can help!

For those interested but lacking motivation, I would recommend reading my prior post on using the four Agni devatas to generate the passion and enthusiasm you are looking for!  Click here.

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Thoughts on Mantra: Choose Breathing over Eye Strain

Breath control is one of the key pillars to manifesting Siddhis

Focusing between the eyes is difficult

A common practice in mantra japa is to focus one’s inner vision on the space between the eyes on the forehead.

If accompanied by a physical focus, this may result in eyestrain for many aspirants.

There is an alternative

An alternative method of focusing one’s mind is to control your breathing. This process is known as the concept of pranayama.

There are 5 pranas in the body (vital forces). It is not necessary to go into too much detail on their function but in essence they are the energy flows throughout the body which regulate bodily functions. When controlled, they allow one to tap into your inner power and open the gates of the mind during meditation.

In fact, it is this heightened level of concentration which leads to powerful siddhis manifesting in the aspirant.

Many methods, one goal

A simple method of controlling one’s breathing is simply to watch and regulate it consciously.

1. Relax and take deep breaths to calm the mind initially.

2. Start Japa and establish a rhythm.

3. Then attempt to say one or two mantras mentally while inhaling and 1-2x more mantras exhaling. Your exhale is longer than the inhale and so you will naturally end up reciting more mantras.

4. Repeat until the mind stills and then delve deeper into more focused meditation.

This is just one way. You can vary this as you wish according to your own needs but the point is the same – control your breath to control the mind.

I would strongly suggest you learn more advanced techniques through a qualified yoga instructor or with the supervision of a practising Guru.

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Thoughts on Mantra: Use your Powerful Subconscious!

The subconscious mind holds the key to uninterrupted mantra japa!

The subconscious mind is a powerful tool. In combination with mantras, it can lead to quick siddhi.

The subconscious mind is fast 

Subconscious thought processes actually run much faster than the conscious mind. It is not necessarily slowed by what is rational or by checks and balances as per the conscious mind. It is truly your consciousness untethered by reality.

Use it to chant 

Implanting the seed of mantra into the subconscious mind is a powerful technology. Why? Because it allows you to continue to chant a mantra, uninterrupted, focused and with all concentration through the night  as you sleep.

The benefit is that this adds up to another 7-9 hrs of extra chanting per day! You will also feel awake, alive and refreshed the next morning because you sleep deep in concentration and your brain straight away reaches what’s known as the delta wave level of sleep.

The method

The method works particularly well after a long day of intense concentration at work and ideal for weekdays.

Your mind will require some rest during dinner, then sit to meditate with a moderate level of concentration on your chosen mantra. With practice, your mind will continue to chant it through your sleep.

You’ll know if succeeded if you wake up still chanting the mantra.

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How to Bend Destiny with the Navagraha Mantras – 4 – The Moon

Bend Destiny using the Navagraha Mantras!

This post continues the ongoing series on How to Bend Destiny.

Click here for part 1 Introduction

Click here for part 2 List of Mantras to Planets

Click here for part 3 The Sun + Shiva

The Moon – Queen of the Solar System

If the Sun is the King of the Solar System, the Moon is considered the Queen. Its proximity to Earth makes it a key influence on human life.

The Moon drives the cycle of tides on Earth and since ancient times, people have thought that the presence of a full moon has significant effects on our mental state; hence the term ‘lunatic’.

Effects of the Moon

In Eastern astrology, the Moon is represented by Chandra, the God of the Moon and Soma – an ancient plant which was used to make a powerful concoction which helped the Rishis to meditate on deep truths.

The Moon’s position in the horoscope effectively tells you your ‘sign’. The Moon’s is a factor in the guiding clarity of thought, emotions and maternal influences in one’s life.

In broader terms, it influences your mental peace, travel (over water) and your ability for social cohesion.

Boost your lunar power!

The Vedic prayer to the Moon is below, followed by the Chandra Gayatri.

Vedic prayer to the Moon


Dadhishamkha tusharaabham ksheero daarnava sambhavam
Namami Shashinam Somam Shambor Mukuta Bhooshanam


“I pray to the Moon (Chandra) who shines coolly like curds or a white shell, who arose from the ocean of milk, who has a hare on him, Soma, who is the ornament of Shiva’s hair.”

Chandra Gayatri


“Om Padmadwajaya Vidmahe
Hema roopaya dhimahi
Tanno Soma Prachodayath


“We know the Lotus-flagged one,
We meditate on the golden form,
May Soma inspire us” 

Mantras to Shakti

The Ruling Deity of the Moon is Shakti, or Parvati (the spouse of Shiva). One of the most powerful (and well-known) mantras is:


“Sarva Mangala Maangalye, Shive Saravartha saadike,
Sharanye Triyambake Gauri, Narayani Namosthuthe.”

(Semi-literal) translation:

“I prostrate before the auspicious of all auspiciousness, she who is auspicious, the fair, three-eyed one, she who resides in every person”

Click here for Part 5 – Mars

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Thoughts on Mantra: Combating Tiredness During Japa

Sleep is the Cousin of Death; Tiredness is the Enemy of Mental Control!

It is inevitable that the early stage sadhak (spiritual aspirant) feels the effects of mental and physical tiredness during mantra Japa (chanting).

Physical tiredness

The most auspicious time to chant any Vedic mantra is during the Brahmamuhurtha (the time of Brahma) – 2 hrs before sunrise. In India, this is between 3-4am. In the Western World, and more northern territories in general, the change of climate means that sunrise timings are variable between Summer and Winter and daylight hours change significantly, so some adjustment must be taken into account.

Western Culture is not oriented around early rising; in fact it is almost the opposite – most social activity for adults occurs in the evening. In this regard, it is incredibly difficult for those accustomed to such regimes to change.

Mental tiredness

The mind is a powerful device but the beginner will find it difficult to access its full potential. Sadhus (holymen) have long shown us that it is possible to go into deep trances of meditation for hours to days on end and go without sleep! But this is a stretch for a beginner and the initial problem is more that enthusiasm will begin to wane and thoughts wander, resulting in mental tiredness. Note that this is effectively the same for any mantra japa – whether bija or longer verse.

Here are some tips to stave off tiredness

  • Eat lightly! A heavily meal will often send the sadhak to sleep while digestion kicks in!
  • Stretch your muscles before sitting. This gets the blood flowing and avoids unnecessary fidgeting or physical discomfort.
  • Get a good nights sleep. Needless to say, one must balance japa with the requirements of the day. Proper rest is essential to maintain both.
  • Vary the speed of Japa. This helps to cut through the monotony. Slow down when you feel your concentration deepening. If you feel enthusiastic and more motivated toward your goal, then by all means speed up! The goal is to increase the intensity of japa to your own limits of concentration and focus; if you are inclined for a fast rousing speed then use it – eventually the mind will find a stillness on its own and you will automatically enter silent mental japa.
  • Stand up! Do not feel that you must maintain one specific posture (asana) through out. If you’re tired and find yourself actually falling asleep, stand up! Move your body, rengage your enthusiasm with some japa out loud then resume as your previous asana once vigour returns.
I invite the reader to put in their own tips from experience in the comment section below. Let us all help and motivate each other toward a common goal!

Thoughts on Mantra: Alternative Bija Mantras

Bijas are powerful seeds

Bijas are primordial sounds which channel the creative power of the Gods. They are in themselves siddhi and attraction mantras. Chanting them instantly starts a chain of events that result in the aspirant attracting what he/she wants.

The most two popular mantras within this group are Shreem (to create material abundance) and Kleem (gain the power of attraction – especially of female companionship). Click on each bija mantra to read prior articles on the subjects.

Not just Kleem and Shreem

Many people do not realise that other mantras are actually bijas hidden in plain sight! The most prominent examples are the Panchakshari mantra: Nama Shivaya, the Ashtakshari: Om Namo Narayanaya, and Rama.

These can also be chanted as bijas to gain immediate benefits. All of these particular mantras are powerful purifiers.

What does this mean? It means the clarification of:

  • Mind (clarity without confusion, concentration, focus);
  • Intellect (positivity, kind and auspicious thoughts);
  • Body (a spiritual level cleanliness above physical cleanliness);
  • Soul (removes bad karma).

Note that the mind and intellect are considered as two independent processes within the brain in both Freudian and Vedantic methodologies.

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Vashikaran Mantras and the Siddhi of Inception (Part 2)

Magnetise your personality to attract friends and influence people through mantra

Ignore the hype, here’s the review

In the first part of the series, we looked at the potential for inception through mantra. You can read the first part by clicking here if you did not have a chance to do so already, or wish to refresh your memory on the debate.

The general conclusion of the post was that having a limited degree of mental control over someone is possible – as clearly demonstrated by the practice of hypnotherapy – but doing so through mantra is highly unlikely, even if you had a ‘genuine’ mantra and attained siddhi (perfected the technique) due to the presence of individuals’ free will.

The Sequel!

A more interesting and plausible idea is that anyone can influence those around them in a positive manner through a personality transformation.

What does this mean? The answer is simple and within everyone’s frame of reference. Haven’t we all met a person in our lives who was so charismatic, who held everyone’s attention perfectly, who spoke beautifully, articulately and intelligently to captivate an audience? I am sure we all know someone like this – be it our favourite school teacher, a great spiritual Master, or great political/military leader. Why can’t we be more like our role models?

A new story: change yourself to change the world

In this regard, the answer is: there is no reason why we cannot. The idea of ‘leading from the front’ – ie by example – is an age-old concept. If you can think of no other, one example is known to all  – the great Mahatma Gandhi, who led India out of British Rule by setting a firm and clear example of non-violent protest through his own actions.

The methods of how we can change ourselves through mantra are outlined below.

Mantra transformation

One can affect a great transformation – spiritual and otherwise through the use of mantra. Chanting certain mantras can have a deep conscious and sub-conscious effect on our psyche to enact incremental positive changes which over time build up and transform us completely.

The transformations considered are: character, speech, mental strength and action. These four concepts are the cornerstones of great personalities.

Here are the mantras to gain such benefits:

    1. Character: Worship Hanuman and Rama to understand and become the ideal personality. Click here to read my prior articles on improving one’s character and another article on writing Rama nama.
    2. Speech: Worship Saraswathy to master the art of articulation – click hear to see a powerful mantra.
    3. Mental Strength: Worship Ganesha and Narasimha to improve mental control and increase determination to achieve anything. Click to see Ganesha’s gayatri mantra and here to see the Narasimha Gayatri.
    4. Action: Thoughts are meaningless within firm action to drive them into reality. Click here to read a post on worshipping Skanda.

Those who are serious and wish to undergo a full effective change in their personalities should attempt at least an anusthan of each mantra to see real differences.

Click here to read the first article in the series on Vashikaran mantras if you missed it.

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Vashikaran Mantras and the Siddhi of Inception (Part 1)

Can Inception be Performed Using Mantras...?

“A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.”, John Lennon

The Concept: Mindbending manipulation!

Most of us have seen the film  INCEPTION the ground-breaking sci-fi thriller. The incredible central concept of the film is that one can implant an idea into a persons mind through careful manipulation of their mental state.

The idea makes for a compelling Hollywood blockbuster, but could ever it be a reality? There are those who practice Tantra who claim that such powers (siddhis) are indeed real and it is possible to manipulate another’s mind if you know the right mantra.

The Science: We use 4% of our brains…

The human mind is a complex and powerful device. It is not even fully understood yet, but science knows that even the most exemplary people use only a small portion of its incredible potential. Estimates put this threshold at 4%.

…mantras maybe engaging the remaining 96%

In this respect, one possible explanation for how mantras work within us – especially in bestowing siddhis – is that reciting certain tones over and over cause new synaptic links to form within the brain, tapping into the other 96% of charted brain matter. This allows a person to function at a supernormal levels of consciousness and manifest siddhis.

The Reality: So can Inception be performed?

Hypnotherapy – the art of drawing a patient into a state of semi-consciousness in which they are highly suggestive – is well known and recognised as a proven method of psychotherapy. Whilst the  vast majority of practitioners help those with mental ailments – such as amnesia or trying to overcome a past traumas – there is also a number who specialise in entertainment. They put on shows in which they hypnotise select volunteers within an audience to perform various humorous acts – and in doing so, exercise control over them.

Putting the two concepts together, it is plausible that some part of the brain may allow one to broadcast a powerful suggestive thought that could influence other minds. 

But wait – the Twist!

There is of course a critical part of the equation that we have not considered so far – individuals’ free will.

It is well known that hypnotherapy does not always work – even on those patients who willingly submit themselves to undergo hypnosis. Why? Because their minds are strong and cannot be easily swayed by external influence.

The Finale: Siddhi is beyond most people…?

Combining individuals strong will with the idea that it takes real dedication to develop siddhi of ANY mantra – let alone those to allow control – means its highly unlikely that the amateur mantra practitioner could ever successfully perform Vashikaran over another. So I implore those who find so-called ‘mind-control’ mantras through the internet, forums, chatrooms and blogs to not waste their time.

However – let me leave you with a ‘spinning top’ – much like in the finale of the film: mind control may be out of reach, but personality transformation certainly is not. Mantras can certainly be used to improve one’s energy, charisma, magnetism, strength of will, physical appearance and even charm. If you want to be able to ‘make friends and influence people’ – shape your personality and let people make up their own minds about you!

Click here to read the second part of this series featuring mantras 


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Purity is Power; Step into the Shower!

Tap into the Power of Water to bring Subconscious thought to the surface!

Struggling to make time for prayer?

Here’s an interesting tip – pray in the shower. Prayer and particularly mantra chanting while immersed in water is known to be a powerful way to boost its effects.

The ancient people understood that doing tapas (or intense austerity and mantra chanting) standing in water is one of the ways to see faster benefits and realise the divine.


An adaptation to today’s fast-paced lifetstyle

Why? There are many reasons: it start their day in a focused manner with thoughts of god; its when you’re naturally relaxed by the warmth of the water to allow the mind to meditate; you tend to close your eyes automatically;  you’re probably the cleanest you’ll be during the day – and cleanliness is godliness!


Bringing crystal clarity to the workings of the subconscious mind

A period of concentration, reflection and introspection in the morning can also bring about fantastic clarity to your thought. It also allows you to align yourself with the energy of Varuna, the God of Water and one of the Vedic trinity.


Varuna – the Lord of Universal Justice

In Vedic lore, prior to the establishment of the ‘modern’ Hindu trinity – Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, the core deities of the Vedic pantheon were Indra, Varuna and Agni.

Varuna is popularly known to be in charge of Universal Law and Justice in the Veda. As part of this, he is the knower of all thoughts in the minds of all mankind – both good and importantly, negative and scheming. He is the universal witness and judge.


So how is this relevant to us?

Sometimes in life we are so caught up in our routines and regiment that we lose sight of our goals and don’t fully track our actions – for ourselves and toward others.

Invoking Varuna allows one to introspect to bring subconscious thought patterns to the surface. This will not only help us to better understand ourselves and what we want, but also to closely monitor our past actions and ensure we have not unknowingly wronged another person. Varuna is,  in effect, the God of the Conscience.

So combine emotional resolution with your morning routine to focus before a hard day and stay in touch with your goals.


The mantra: Varuna Gayatri


“Om JalbimbAye VidmahE
NIla PurushAye DhimahI
Tanno Varuna Prachodayaat”

Semi-literal Translation

“We know the reflection of water,
We meditate on the Blue Man
May Varuna inspire us.” 


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