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Thoughts on Mantra: How to Speed Up Mantra Siddhi

Speed up Siddhi with the Gayatri!

One of the key pre-requisites of preparation to chant a mantra in which you want Siddhi is the Gayatri Maha Mantra.

The foundation of all

The Gayatri is an incredibly flexible and unbelievably powerful mantra.

One can build a tremendous amount of spiritual power through diligently reciting the Gayatri, then ‘spend’ this power through other mantras to focus on improving that particular part of your life. This will allow you to gain faster siddhi of any mantra and more spectacular results from your sadhana.

Typically, one should either recite the Gayatri at least 1008x daily in addition to any mantra, or finish an anusthan beforehand.

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Today is Friday! T.D.I.F!!

Thank God its Friday! Or as I like to say - Thank Devi Its Friday! (TDIF!)

Today is Friday!! What does Friday mean to you?

The end of the week is finally here! What does Friday mean to you? No more work (for some of us!)? Time with the family? A weekend getaway?

I personally love Friday. It is a prime day for Devi Worship. Moreover, during Navaratri, our prayers are amplified by magnitudes we cannot comprehend – don’t miss out on this opportunity!  – T.D.I.F. (Thank Devi It’s Friday!)

How to Pray:

Prior posts have covered a multitude of mantras and sadhanas for all but today’s focus is Lakshmi.

Fridays are incredibly auspicious for Lakshmi, the Goddess of Abundance and Wealth. I would greatly recommend the following courses of action – whether you need to fix something lacking in your life, out of pure devotion or as part of a larger Navaratri routine, these two technologies are incredibly effective at pushing you toward your goals:

1. Lakshmi Gayatri mantra

2. Shreem mantra

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Don’t miss the incredible opportunity that is Navaratri!

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Supercharge your Wealth Creation

Pick up jet speed on the path to your goals

Inject some momentum into your Life with the Gayatri

Adding the Gayatri Maha Mantra to your daily routine is a powerful technology to enhance your mantra sadhanas.

As detailed in my post here (click for details) the Gayatri is the root of all Vedic knowledge, as embodied by the force behind the Sun. Knowledge is power; chant the Gayatri to gain ground on the path toward your goals.

Time rich, money poor? Its the Attack of Lack!

Unless you are already on your perfect career path with a role you love, a fulfilling purpose and more than satisfactory salary, you’re one of the many who feel the Attack of Lack. What is this? Quite simply, its the mental effects of never feeling as if your needs are taken care of in terms of material abundance.

Praying to Laksmi through her Gayatri Mantra (click here for details), or the Shreem mantra has its own benefits. But what if you combine it with the Gayatri Maha mantra? A multiplier effect occurs.

Sadguru Sant Keshavadas of Bangalore recommends such a combination to bring prosperity and auspiciousness into your career or business.


“Om Bhur Bhuvah Suvaha

Tat Savitur Vare-enyam*

Bhargo Devasya Dhimahi

Dhiyoyonaha Prachotheyaa-aath^.


* and ^. It is vital that there is correct pronunciation on these two words. They are not chanted as read!

As seen above, Shreem is tagged onto the end of the mantra. Sadguru Keshavadas recommends chanting this version with devotion and focus every Friday for 3 months to see success. The number of chants is proportional to your own level of need; there are no limits.

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Navaratri 2011: How to Super-Charge your Prayers!


Gayatri Mata

The Gayatri Mantra is a potent method of raising your Yogi Power before Sadhanas

Navaratri: A Golden Opportunity: Part 4 

Depending on your calendar, we are now in the second or third day of Navaratri. As part of my ongoing series, this post highlights how and why a mantra chanted in combination with the Gayatri Maha Mantra has a very potent effect.

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Why do this?

In essence, the Gayatri mantra is like the energy and stamina you must build before running a race – be it a marathon or a sprint. Once a Gayatri Maha mantra sadhana is complete, one may then commence other mantra sadhanas to Super-Charge you toward your original goal!

How does it work?

It is obvious that prayer to any form of the Divine Feminine over Navaratri is extremely beneficial but the point to make is the Gayatri Maha mantra is fundamentally a prayer to the sun in its supreme form. The sun is the source of all our energy in one form or another, and sustains all life on our planet. Gayatri is known as Vedamata, the essence of all the Vedas, and the embodiment of the Supreme Paramatma. Prayer to such a deity allows you to easily draw upon the power of the divine.

In addition, there are no restrictions on chanting the Gayatri Maha mantra, be it gender, caste or race, or even time. All sadhanas based on the Gayatri Mantra will always provide benefits; even if incomplete.

Finally, one may take the Gayatri Mantra itself as your Guru. The mantra is based on the light of the sun; Guru translates to dispeller of darkness – the Gayatri Mantra itself will show you the way toward your enlightenment. Whilst a vague statement, the realities are that:

  • the right people will come to instruct you
  • you will find yourself at the right place at the right time for all major events of your life
  • doors will open toward opportunity
  • mental focus, concentration and one-pointedness will all improve
Commence sadhana…over Navaratri, its never too late!

Ideally, one starts their sadhana once empowered by the energy of the Gayatri Maha mantra for maximum effects.

However, although we are now in the third day of Navaratri, even the partial benefits of mantra chanting, devotional offerings like pooja, signing hymns, fasting and visiting the temple (in any combination) for the remaining days and nights will all have a profound and significant impact on the course of events in your life.

So act now!

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