The Shreem Mantra



(Semi-literal) Translation:

None. Shreem is a Bija mantra.


  • Attraction of wealth
  • Attraction of abundance.
Manifest wealth:
The Shreem mantra is a Bija mantra – ie a primal sound which taps into the very essence of the universe to function as a mantra all in itself. Each Bija mantra typically corresponds to a singular deity. This mantra is the essence of the Goddess of Wealth, Lakshmi.
How it works
The Shreem mantra basically aligns your energy/spirit/aura/prana with abundance according to your meditation. Initially, it will speed up the process of attracting wealth that was already on its way to you, or is owed to you. However, once mantra siddhi is achieved, it is said that there are no limits.
How to use it
Just repeat the word. The usual target count is 10,008 – preferably in a single sitting. Given the brevity of the sound, it is not too tough to complete a set within a 2-3 hours.
The practice of tratak is a great complement to this mantra, for those of you in the know.

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4 responses to “The Shreem Mantra”

  1. vasudevanradhakrishnannair says :

    I would like to repeat this shreem mantra but kindly tell me the time., place, way, type of rosary to be used. Any observation in eating habits etc. kindly tell me I want to practise Jap Yoga. But people say the mantra should be got initiated by a Guru Is it possible to chant it without a guru will it be use ful pl sir

    • Swami Mantra Yogi says :

      Time – whenever you are calm, clean and without distractions. there is no other time more appropriate although twilight has more power.
      Place – home or room
      Eating habits – strict vegetarianism will grant you the greatest blessings. Also avoid egg if possible.
      Guru – you will progress 1 million times faster with a guru who has had success with the mantra. otherwise, it will inevitably take you longer than you expect to see results. But no guru is required for any of the mantras i have posted.

  2. Bharat says :

    Can any one any time is able to chant the bija mantra

    • Swami Mantra Yogi says :

      No. Bija mantras are not to be toyed with. Best to do when you are free of other distractions fresh after a shower within your room/house. Only those of considerable mental, physical and spiritual discipline would be able to gain the full effect by chanting at any time.

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